Vegetable rennet provides manufacturers with a viable alternative to the traditional animal, fungi or engineered products currently in use. Benefits include greater product flexibility, lower energy consumption and improved biodegradability. Fytozimus products are internationally patented.


Cynzime™ is a rennet free enzyme with unique and versatile clotting abilities. It is especially useful for the production of various types of cheese. When combined with other commercially available enzymes, it can be used to produce an even wider variety of products.

With an excellent clotting ability, this product has the added advantage of being free of contaminants. It provides uniform quality, is suitable for vegetarian, kosher and halal markets, and can be used to efficiently clot milk from cow, ewe, goat, camel and other sources.


Cyprozime™is a recombinant enzyme obtained from yeast or fungi engineered with plant genes and shows unique features compared to other available enzymes.

Cyprozime™offers the potential to create cheese with new, exotic textures and aromas. The enzyme is versatile, with increased clotting activity and can be used to produce either hard or soft textured cheese. A great benefit of this product is its ability to be produced in large quantities allowing it to be utilized in large scale dairy operations.


Cynmix™ is a customizable enzyme produced as a "mix" of Cynzime™ or Cyprozime™with any other, already available commercial enzyme, offering an unique market advantage.