About Us

In 2007, Fytozimus Biotech Inc., was formed to meet dairy manufacturers' needs for a more natural, flexible and environmentally conscious approach to the creation of their products.

With its corporated headquarters located in the economically strong region of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and its research offices in historic Lisbon, Portugal, Fytozimus is well positioned to expand globally.

Product testing has already been completed in Europe and North Africa and has, based on positive results, now reached the commercialization stage in North America.

Fytozimus' plant-based products offer the potential to create cheeses with new and exotic textures and aromas, in a highly competitive and demanding market.

Building on a Rich Tradition

The earliest description of the cardoon dates back to the 4th century BC, by the Greek writer Theophrastus and to the Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. The empirical techniques associated with the cheese manufacture using cardoon flowers that eventually were adapted in the Iberian Peninsula, have been passed through generations of families of shepherds for producing the very appreciated and special cheeses that are produced today in Portugal and some of the European countries.

Although other plants have revealed milk clotting activity, none is efficient as the cardoon.

Traditional Portuguese (DOP) cheeses such as Azeitão, Castelo Branco, Évora, Nisa, Serpa and Serra da Estrela, have differentiated themselves, by using plant coagulant derived from the Cardoon flower instead of animal-based products.